The aim of this site is to provide a one stop shop for all things well-being.

For teachers by teachers!

After a successful start on twitter it is time to take more #teacher5aday based ideas and resources into staff rooms across the country.

As the site develops, I hope to host resources that busy teachers can access and use to support their development as an individual as well as materials which can be used across their schools. There will also be links to the latest research and reading to help share ideas across our networks.

To get this site and national #teacher5aday week (2 – 6 of Dec 2019) up and running I have been supported by National Careers Week, the SSAT, Nourish the Workplace, the National Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health and Education Support.

Alongside these organisations I will always be indebted to the Steering Group who have all worked hard to support me with the website and the national week. In some cases, from the start of #teacher5aday in 2014, with a huge range of #teacher5aday activities that I think have made a difference to the debate around well-being in our schools.

Details of the group can be found on the site but special mentions for their support must go to Julie Hunter, Abigail Mann, Dr Sue Roffey, Stephen Logan, Mal Krishnasamy, Tin aMurray, Phil Naylor, Patrick Ottley- O’Connor, Bukky Yusuf, Rachel Atherton, Casey Lynchey, Kat Howard, Louise Long, and Lisa Fathers. (Not forgetting Ken the website guy 😊). I think of these people as the best (virtual) staffroom to be part of as well as now firm friends. Wellbeing definitely begins with a WE!

The final sections that are worth a look at on the site are our Slowchats which have taken place over the last 5 years on twitter and the details of the #teacher5day pledges. The Slowchats hold a variety of resources which have been shared from a variety of topics and the individual pledges that are the resolutions of  hundreds of teachers who have bravely shared their intentions to improve their well-being demonstrating that self-care is not selfish. Get ready to do yours in 2020!

I hope that you like the site and helps us with our core aim of getting the ideas that #teacher5aday is based on into every staffroom in the country.

Happy Teachers + Happy Students = Improved Outcomes

Healthy regards,